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The enemy's Mind Game Palmon's 2nd Battle
Tornado Twister and the Sincere Adventures Part 12
The Enemy's Mind Game Palmon's 2nd Battle
Story thus far: Palmon won 1 battle out of 8, 2nd one is with another one of TwisterT's brothers, who? Well, lets find out!
(Day after TwisterT's defeat)
Pal: well 1 down 7 left
Izzy: TwisterT down 7 more walls to go through
Pal: i think Tornadomon is next idk
JamesAngel: well whoever it is, you will win
Pal: thanks James
JamesAngel: Tai?
Tai: yea?
JamesAngel: what do you think?
Tai: well whoever the next one is, we will win!
TT: damn true!
Everyone: YEAH!!!
(Gennai online)
Gennai: here is some news for you
Matt: TwisterT dead, yea
Gennai: that too, also congratulations on winning one battle out of 8
Pal: thanks, ready for the next enemy!
TT: who is next on Palmon's hit list?
Gennai: that is the news i wanted to tell you
Pal: who is it?
Gennai: Ninja Man
Everyone: NINJA MAN!
Pal: no problem
Mimi: idk about him
Gennai: the plan they are taking, each of the guys try to take you out, Digimon next
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Palmon's Savior Twisted Comeback
Tornado Twister and the Sincere Adventures Part 11
Palmon's Savior, Twisted Comeback
Story thus far, Palmon and Gatomon saved a Gatomon family from a scary predicament now here is a thing, the battle is to take down TwisterT, Ninja Man, Hurricane Hector, and Cyclone Carlos. Digimon is Tornadomon, Hurricanemon, Toricanemon, and Voltamon.
TT: you ok Palmon?
Pal: yes
Tai: why you look nervous?
Pal: idk, well i cant get over the RGR and Reboot
TT: or worse deleting you
Mimi: not bring that up please?
TT: sorry, Palmon is in an up and down situation
Matt: after what we did to her in the last few days?
Mimi: we just thought she was having a crazy time
Tar/Pal-X: that is true
TwistedPal: with major problems that go right in the end
JamesAngel: Palmon?
Pal: yes
JamesAngel: we need to talk
Pal: ok
JamesAngel: are you happy with TT?
Pal: yes, well idk if he is in love with me
JamesAngel: does TT get stubborn?
Pal: sometimes
JamesAngel: no matter how stubborn he is, keep on going
Pal: can i ask y
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There is Sincere light upon us :iconoffbeattornado:offbeattornado 1 0
Gabu and Pal (start story)
Gabumon and Palmon love story
Key things to not be confused:
(Mind of the Digimon, Place, Time, or Emotion)
{I usually step in so i cannot confuse you}
{this story is taking place when the human friends are in the real world and their Digimon are in their (place) in the Digital World}
(DTC afternoon) (in an Apartment)
Agu: (concerned) Gabumon?
Gabu: yes?
Agu: i am so concerned about Biyomon and the others
Gabu: well i think Palmon is the only one not in DTC i think
Agu: why?
Gabu: well the last thing she said recently was that her BF broke up with her
Agu: who was he?
Gabu: uh, IDK i have to send her another letter
Agu: wait where is she?
Gabu: her childhood home Palmon Bay
Agu: oh ok
Biyo: are you guys ok?
Gabu: Agumon is worried about Palmon
Agu: she is still with that crazy BF I think
{ok, letting you know, Every Digimon has a Digivice like phone now, just to keep in touch with their friends or family in the Digital World}
Gabu: let me call her (tries to call Palmon)
Biyo: why would
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She has my love and support!!! :iconoffbeattornado:offbeattornado 1 0
Tornado Twister and the Sincere Adventures Part 10
Tornado Twister and the Sincere Adventures Part 10
well the story thus far: who blocked Lillymon's Flower Cannon?
Lilly: who blocked it?
MasterPal: who did that?
TwisterT: you think i was not going to be around to take you out?
Lilly: you are interrupting a fight!
MasterPal: who are you?
TwisterT: it is just me alone
MasterPal: you are invading a fight!
TwisterT: do i give a crap!
MasterPal: you better!
TwisterT: (yawns) this is nice and all, i better destroy you!
TwisterT: you are a feisty one! I will be back!
Lilly: MasterPalmon! You OK!
MasterPal: you saved me?
Lilly: you think i was going to let an enemy hurt you!
T2: so wait you saved him?
Lilly: why not?
JamesAngel: that was a crazy move!
Lilly: why not?
MasterPal: listen, can we talk alone?
Lilly: Why?
MasterPal: first go back to your rookie from
Pal-Chan: ok
MasterPal: royalty come with please?
QueenPal: Sir!
StrongPal: Sir!
PrincePal: Sir!
PrincessPal: Sir!
T2: what the hell!
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Tornado Twister and the Sincere Adventures Part 9
Tornado Twister and the Sincere Adventures Part 9
Well the story: Palmon, is so fed up worth the team not respecting her, well Tai for that matter, lets see what happens
Tai: now where can we find her?
Davis: why did she run off? Because of you!
Tai: shut up!
Agu: Palmon is so irate with you she wont talk to you
Tai: she was listening on the conversation
Agu: who fault is that?
Vee: i think, that would be Tai
Davis: well that is about true
Vee: look lets find Palmon
Agu: this is a good idea
Tai: where is she?
Davis: now look this is not easy
(Destinedcan send each other texts from far distance if they are anywhere including the Digital World)
Matt: ( T E X T ) we will keep in touch, make sure you find her alive.
TT: this seems odd
James: why?
TT: it just feels like the search is going to crap
James: let hope not
Mimi: Tai was being stupid
(((PAL POV)))
Pal: i have to get out of here, Digital World! Tai is searching for me, he wont find me
Sora: Izzy, do you have th
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PALMON HAS SUPPORT! :iconoffbeattornado:offbeattornado 4 0 Show Palmon Love! :iconoffbeattornado:offbeattornado 4 0 TT and the Sincere Adventures RGR Palmon Version :iconoffbeattornado:offbeattornado 0 0
Tornado Twister and the Sincere Adventures Part 8
Tornado Twister and the Sincere Adventures Part 8
The story thus far: Palmon is in the fight on facing TwistedPalmon, the problem is that Palmon had a virus that almost ended her, Green Deletion, Later on, TT got killed (they thought) and now TT is on the fighting side of ending Palmon on his own.
Pal: you think this will end?
TT: yes the problem is are you ready?
T2: this will end badly
Mimi: i think she was ready the whole time
James: why?
Mimi: the reason i said that, she has all that strength within that she never uses
AKPata: well lets hope you are right
T2: there is no way she has strength or speed hidden
Mimi: well TT is 2x is stronger right?
T2: Palmon will not have the chance
TT: is that the best you got?
Pal: i need to digivolve!
Mimi: this is not the right choice
Pal: you want me to lose?
Mimi: no, I want you to win, the problem is, i think you have strength that you have not used
Pal: that is not true! *knocked down*
TT: this is getting boring *blasts the destined ones*
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Tornado Twister and the Sincere Adventures Part 7
Tornado Twister and the Sincere Adventures Part 7
Well thus the story thus far is that Palmon got confronted by herself meaning there was a digimon that had the same problem as her, RageGR.
Well lets see if Palmon is still with us. XD
1 week later
Pal: well that was, dumb
Kari: you sure you ok?
Pal: (nods)
Joe: it will chill out the intensity of that pain
Pal: (in mind) well at least it wasn't as bad as i thought
Goma: you sure you dont need anything?
Pal: look!, uh sorry i am just so MAD at Twisted Palmon!
Tai: at least you wont be fighting for a while
Pal: NO! I want to win this fight!
James: listen i know you want to fight, bad you can still get those stats back up.
Pal: we digimon still heal fast
Gato: just take it easy
Biyo: this is a major concern
TT: let her fight out some of that pain
Pal: starting?
TT: uh, soon
Pal: whatever
TT: you need to rest just saying
Pal: after that major attack!
Gato: listen, just rest alright? We aint going nowhere
Gabu: she is still that feisty one w
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NEW CHARACTER! :iconoffbeattornado:offbeattornado 0 2
Tornado Twister and the Sincere Adventure Part 6
Tornado Twister and the Sincere Adventure Part 6
(This is a remake of my original Part 6 that got deleted by accident)
Well Palmon was missing and now TT and the Digidestined are going to try to search for Palmon in 3 known locations told by Toricanemon: NYC, Odiba, and DTC.
Team 1 NYC: TT, Mimi, Joe and Goma, TK and Pata, Matt and Gabu
Team 2 Odiba: T2, Tai and Agu, Kari and Gato, Sora and Biyo, Izzy and Tento
Team 3 DTC: James and AKPata, Davis and Vee, Yoeli and Hawk, Cody and Armadil, Ken and Worm
Lets see what happens
TT: this is crazy!
Mimi: why? You know we have to find her right away!
TT: this is not a good idea!
Matt: why is that?
TT: trust me, i know the in and out of NYC she is not around here
Mimi: WHAT?
TT: this might sound strange, she is not in either location!
T2: wait what?
TT: what i am saying is, we are going to waste our time and let her get hurt more!
James: well are you sure?
Davis: this is not right!
(Somewhere in the Digital World)
Pal: This is not right!!!!
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Palmon Stamp by Thunderbirmon



This is an amazing story that i worked my butt off to get done, Palmon is being an AMAZING HERO! I think the last 3 days now i made and uploaded 3 story parts i think idk, i just noticed when i got done with Part 12 or 11 idk, well we will see what happens :)
Tornado Twister and the Sincere Adventures Part 12

The Enemy's Mind Game Palmon's 2nd Battle

Story thus far: Palmon won 1 battle out of 8, 2nd one is with another one of TwisterT's brothers, who? Well, lets find out!

(Day after TwisterT's defeat)
Pal: well 1 down 7 left
Izzy: TwisterT down 7 more walls to go through
Pal: i think Tornadomon is next idk
JamesAngel: well whoever it is, you will win
Pal: thanks James
JamesAngel: Tai?
Tai: yea?
JamesAngel: what do you think?
Tai: well whoever the next one is, we will win!
TT: damn true!
Everyone: YEAH!!!
(Gennai online)
Gennai: here is some news for you
Matt: TwisterT dead, yea
Gennai: that too, also congratulations on winning one battle out of 8
Pal: thanks, ready for the next enemy!
TT: who is next on Palmon's hit list?
Gennai: that is the news i wanted to tell you
Pal: who is it?
Gennai: Ninja Man
Everyone: NINJA MAN!
Pal: no problem
Mimi: idk about him
Gennai: the plan they are taking, each of the guys try to take you out, Digimon next
Pal: let me get this straight, NM, Hector, and Carlos, than their Digimon?
Gennai: it was suppose to be Tornadomon next, but that was the plan yes
Pal: ok
Gennai: here is a warning for you to understand, Ninja Man is a Ninja, he will ambush you if need be
TM: Palmon, i think this is a harder one to deal with
Pal: why TM?
TM: when we were enemies to you, Ninja Man is a high level Ninja, he will take you out without you knowing
Gennai: he will do a sneak attack, to take you out
Pal: does that even scare me?
TT: take this serious
Pal: i understand
TT: kk, let's take out a ninja!
Everyone: YEA!
Gennai: good luck to all of you
TT: guys, let's think of a plan to take out NM
Tai: what if Gennai says there has to be certain ones helping Palmon again?
Pal: *mind* how can i defeat NM?
Izzy: NM is at DTC
Tento: how far are we?
Pal: around 20 miles
Izzy: true
(Palmon Bay Royalty POV)
MasterPal: we need to send the rest of them to the care center
PrincePal: sir! There is someone that needs to meet you
MasterPal: who?
PrincePal: will give no name
MasterPal: bring in
NM: where is the plant?
MasterPal: Ninja Man!
NM: i can give you 2 choices
MasterPal: what do you want?
NM: 1, i can let you survive if you tell me where she went?
MasterPal: or?
NM: i can force an answer out of you
MasterPal she is nowhere here
NM: i was not asking nicely
StrongPal: *knocks down NM* no harm intended
NM: *gets up* you are serious? *sword drawn* i was not asking nicely
QueenPal: we will not give an answer to a enemy
NM: you are so protecting the one you care?
Davis: this is bad enough
Vee: why?
Cody: well one down is a first for a lone digimon
Pal: these fights we are facing is really testing us
TT: the crap you went through
T2: not to mention the 2 human "mons" that we thought you killed
Pal: *annoyed* sure
JamesAngel: well
Tar/Pal-X: no worry Palmon
Pal: ...
TT: what wrong?
Everyone: ?
Pal: nothing
(Destined arrives at DTC)
Tai: well how is Palmon going to fight Ninja Man?
TM: Ninja Man is active at night
MH: when the streets are quiet
Pal: ok, anything else?
TM: how can we describe this, he knows ninjutsu pro in fact
Pal: ok, well
TwistedPal: Palmon?
Pal: yes?
TwistedPal: why were you quiet for a minute when TT was asking if you were ok?
Pal: RGR i need it out of my life
TwistedPal: oh, well we will find a way to get the virus out
NM: *mind* RGR or not, you are still dead
Everyone: *wakes up*
NM: well lets hope your master is ok
Pal: what are talking about?
NM: i did not give some battle scars
NM: no, but you will
TT: Palmon, he is not dead, just beat up that is all
Pal: *mind* how can i manage?
TT: Palmon, just take it easy
Pal: idk
TT: how about if i help you?
Pal: *looks at TT* I'm in no mood to fight
Everyone: !!!
Agu: she was upbeat about defeating Ninja Man
Gabu: why now?
Biyo: not good?!
Tento: no!
Goma: she was ready?
Pata: what is stopping her?
Gato: Palmon no!
Welda: cmon!
Elemento: serious?!
Vee, Hawk, Armadil, Worm: Palmon!
TwistedPal: upset?
AKPata: wow
Tai: why did she,
Matt: damn
JamesAngel: what? Palmon in no mood?
Tar/Pal-X: why now?
Pal: why?
TT: Palmon, what wrong?
NM: poor thing
Pal: I'm in no mood
NM: later plant! *leaves*
T2: what the hell was that about?
Tai: how are we?
Mimi: Palmon?
Pal: who the hell do you guys think you are?
TT: i think this is the worse time i think
TK: why did she just stop all of a sudden?
Matt: why, no one knows
(Next morning)
Pal: *upset*
TT: you ok?
Pal: *agitated*
TT: ?
Pal: *depressed*
TT: ...
Pal: *mind* i do not want to do this
TT: mind games that is the problem
Pal: what?
TT: Ninja Man is playing mind games on you
Pal: i just in no mood to fight
TT: i understand, Palmon TwisterT tho?
Pal: TwisterT, was easy
TT: how about if i help you?
Pal: well, should you?
TT: Palmon, Mimi, Tai, Agumon, Matt, Gabumon, Tar, James, everyone including me and T2 are family, we will all help you
Pal: the crap i went through tho
TT: that was the past, this is the future of you saving yourself, and the Digital World possibly the Human World also if possible
Pal: !!! I need to get some air *leaves*
TT: Palmon be careful
Tai: where is she going?
TT: just going for a walk alone
Matt: this again?
TT: no, she just is in twisted thoughts right now
Gato: where is she going?
TT: around town square
Gato: Veemon, want to join to talk to her?
Vee: sure

(Gatomon, Patamon, AKPatamon, Veemon, Hawkmon, and TwistedPalmon are going to talk to our main hero)

Pal: what do you guys want?
Gato: no mood?
Pal: yes
Vee: what stopped you?
Pata: happens
Pal: mind games
TwistedPal: serious?
Hawk: not good at all
AKPata: we are all here for you
(JamesAngemon POV)
JamesAngel: Palmon will be winning this battle if we were not involved
Tar/Pal-X: what's wrong?
JamesAngel: Palmon is the wrong!
Tar/Pal-X: what did she do?
JamesAngel: she is bringing me to my point!
Tar/Pal-X: Palmon will not be happy about this
JamesAngel: i do not give a crap!
Tar/Pal-X: dude, why are you mad at her?
JamesAngel: why are we helping her?
Tar/Pal-X: uh, idk, maybe to make sure she has a winning streak?
JamesAngel: well, she will lose
Tai: James?
JamesAngel: what the hell do you want?
Tai: why just why?
JamesAngel: what?
Tar/Pal-X: just fed up with Palmon
Matt: why?
JamesAngel: i just, why are we doing this?
Pal: what?
JamesAngel: crap
Pal: *annoyed* what did you say?
JamesAngel: none of your damn business!
Pal: !!!
Tar/Pal-X: James, tell her how you really feel?
JamesAngel: shut the hell up!
Pal: hatred?
JamesAngel: no
Tar/Pal-X: yea
Pal: why?
JamesAngel: nothing, Palmon
AKPata: what is wrong James?
JamesAngel: *leaves*
Pal: what the heck?
Tar/Pal-X: nothing Palmon you will understand
Tai: *annoyed* poor Palmon
Pal: what?
Matt: you ok?
Pal: yes
Matt: oh ok
Pata: she was at least back to normal
Matt: right?
Pal: *confused* yes?
TK: ah, i see at least your blooming
Pal: ^_^
(JamesAngemon POV again)
AKPata: what happened?
JamesAngel: why are we helping the plant, when Gennai does not want our help?
AKPata: idk
JamesAngel: it annoys me
AKPata: look did you tell Palmon yet?
JamesAngel: no, i do not want her feeling hurt yet, unless if i want to hurt her
AKPata: !!!
JamesAngel: please do not tell Palmon or Mimi, please
AKPata: *stressed* idk James
JamesAngel: Please AKPatamon, for Palmon?
AKPata: fine *regret*
(Destined) ((Evening))
Mimi: Palmon, are you ready to face NM again?
Pal: i guess
JamesAngel: *mind* sure she is
TT: James!
Everyone: !!!
JamesAngel: what?
Pal: TT?
TT: James, why would you say that?
JamesAngel: what? I did not say anything!
Pal: !?!?
Tar/Pal-X: wow James
JamesAngel: shut up!
TT: say your sorry!
JamesAngel: !!! HELL NO!
Everyone: !!!
Pal: Gennai said i had to take the LAST SHOT!
Pal: *tear eyed* !!!
Tar/Pal-X: oh crap!
TT: !!!
Mimi: !!!
AKPata: !!!
TwistedPal: !!!
Everyone: !!!
Mimi: your saying that she is taking all the glory?
JamesAngel: YES!
Tai: damn, how is?
Tar/Pal-X: she ran off again!
Mimi: i will talk to her
JamesAngel: she is always tripping us!
Tai: oh my god, just shut the hell up!
(Pal-Chan POV)
Pal: *anger* WHY THE HELL!?!
Mimi: Palmon you ok?
Pal: no!
TwistedPal: James is really mad at you for what?
Pal: i did not do nothing!
TwistedPal: look just take it easy
Pal: *annoyed* why?
Tai: than just leave!
JamesAngel: AKPatamon, you coming?
AKPata: idk
JamesAngel: well?
AKPata: screw you!
JamesAngel: so your staying?
AKPata: yes
JamesAngel: ok, later i will not miss you *leaves*
Tai: wow, one member lost
AKPata: yep, where did Palmon go?
Matt: outside i think
(Pal-Chan POV)
Pal: i just want to end it right here
JamesAngel: why?
Mimi: causing more trouble!
TwistedPal: just get out of here James
JamesAngel: ok later, flower
Pal: *cries*
AKPata: you ok?
TwistedPal: no, she is not
Mimi: why are you not with him?
AKPata: i just did not want to
Mimi: ok
Pal:  i do not want to do anything right now *rubs eyes*
AKPata: NM will be lurking so just go inside
Pal: ok
Kari: well i hope she is ok
TK: idk if she is ready
Izzy: Gennai must have a plan on taking NM down
Matt: does James know that we are helping her for a reason?
TT: James thinks Palmon is getting the spotlight
Tar/Pal-X: we are doing the hard work or something
Tai: yeah
Pal: no mood
Tar/Pal-X: NM is not close anyway
Tai: no worries. We will take him out, well Palmon will anyway
Agu: yea!
Gabu: that is it, Palmon will have a chance!
TT: we better get ready for tomorrow
Pal: yea
NM: well the plant is stressed again
*sneaks up*
NM: *mind* James wants you deleted, i think i will help with that
NM: *mind* Palmon James called you a root
Pal: *mind* i know he called me that
NM: *mind* poor Palmon
Pal: *wakes up* what the?
Mimi: you ok?
Pal: how can i sleep when he is right there?

(Well Palmon we will find out, so lets get this straight, James just walked out, well got kicked off the Destined team for calling Palmon a root and what not well yea)

Pal: *tired* ...
Mimi: want to sleep?
Pal: *tiredly nods* ...
Tai: how is she doing?
Mimi: Ninja Man woke her up again
Pal: *nods* playing those mind games again
Tai: just take it easy
Pal: ok
Mimi: Palmon just rest ok, we are not going far
Pal: *sleeps*
Sora: where is Palmon?
Mimi: sleeping
Sora: mind games again?
Mimi: yes
Kari: she looks like she just needs sleep
Mimi: idk if she is in the mood?
Gato: i will try to talk to her
Biyo: well we have to find a way to stop the mind games
TwistedPal: and defeat Ninja Man
TT: i got that all under control
Mimi: what?
TT: when he is playing the mind games again, i will sneak on him and attack
Mimi: that is a good idea, well i think
Sora: good plan
Kari: seems good
Gato: that is a good idea, in your mind
Gato: no serious
TT: why?
Gato: well Ninja Man is a good mind game player he will know that you will be behind him
Biyo: what can't we do to help?
Gato: *shakes head* nothing
TT: damn
Pal: well at least i had some sleep
Gato: well you ok?
Pal: i think so
Biyo: at least your going ok
Pal: yes
Pal-Chan:: *tired* well *yawns* another slow night
PrincePal: why is she sleeping?
PrincessPal: Palmon?
Pal-Chan: *dizzy* what?
PrincessPal: you should keep yourself awake
Pal-Chan:: why?
PrincePal: MasterPalmon is down
Pal-Chan: !!!
PrincessPal: not deleted
Pal-Chan: well at least he is alive
PrincePal: look, Ninja Man is always sneaky
Pal-Chan: well i know
PrincessPal: Palmon, you should always know what to think and not to think
Pal-Chan: i know
PrincePal: Ninja Man is always a step ahead
Pal-Chan: anyway to stop him?
PrincessPal: well, there is one way
NM: what is that?
Pal-Chan, Prince and Princess Pal: NINJA MAN!
NM: Palmon, you know how this is going to go down!
Pal-Chan: HELL NO!
Pal-Chan: *mind* NO PLEASE DON"T!
Pal-Chan: *mind* HOW?!
PrincessPal: well that is ea...
Pal-Chan: *mind* WHAT IS HAPPENING!
NM: your nightmares are coming to life!
Pal-Chan: *mind* i hate my life that I'm in!
NM: ? The hell?
Pal-Chan: *mind* not only that, i hate the DESTINED!
NM: ?!?!?!?!?
NM: what the hell happened?
Pal-Chan: you think this is easy?
NM: !!!
JamesAngel: NOT ALONE!
Pal-Chan: (RGR) JAMES JONES?!?!
Pal-Chan: what the hell?
JamesAngel: explaining everything later Palmon take Ninja Man out!?!
JamesAngel: the hell?
NM: *injured* **laughs** Palmon has secured enough energy to do a Lillymon move
JamesAngel: how?
Pal: no clue
NM: *injured* well 2 out of 8!!! *laughs*
Pal: *anger* what ever!
(Ninja Man turns to data)
JamesAngel: 2/8
Pal: 2 enemies down 6 to go
Mimi: you did it again! *hugs Palmon*

{how the hell did James Angels Kingdom Jones help Palmon?}

Pal: James, why did you help me, after you hated me?
JamesAngel: ah, well it started after i left
(Flashback key: *JamesAngel*)
Tai: Palmon, James was so intense on defeating Ninja Man, he wanted to help you
*JA*: Gennai contacted me, saying the "one helping the hero was me
Pal: well that was noticed
*JA*: the thing was, the destined noticed me just chilling
Tar/Pal-X: funny thing was, he regretted what he said about you
Pal: oh really?
JamesAngel: yes
Pal: how did well,
*JA* i know what your thinking, how did we know you were out of the building? During the mind games
Pal: so i was in my mind the whole time?
JamesAngel: yes
Pal: well James, are you sorry?
JamesAngel: yes Palmon, no worry
Pal: ok, where is PrincePal and PrincessPal?
Mimi: they decided to check on their leader
Pal: I want to go see him
Tai: ok, lets go see MasterPalmon!
Matt: I'm with it
Everyone: YES!
Pal: anyone know when they left?
Gato: 1 hour during your fight against Ninja Man
Pal: we better get moving
TwistedPal: yea, they are actually way ahead of us by 1 hour and 2 minutes

{letting you know, they are now out of Digimon Trainer City}

Pal: well i am worried
TwistedPal: yea so am i
Mimi: well what did the Young Palmon's say about MasterPalmon?
Pal: he was not deleted yet i heard
Mimi: im sorry
Pal: yea i know
Agu: well did they say he was scratched?
Pal: idk, Ninja Man said he had battle scars
Gabu: well if that is the problem, would he have them than?
Pal: idk
Biyo: he will be alive I know it
Pal: lets hope so
(Next morning)

{well at least they had 2 hours of walking time}

Pal: *wakes up* Master!
Mimi: oh is it morning already?
Gato: *wakes up* yep *yawns*
Biyo: Palmon how far?
Pal: *tired* no clue
Izzy: approx. 2 hours if we make it
Pal: lets go
Matt: we all understand that you want to see him
Pal: i know, i am not pushing
Tai: well
JamesAngel: don't say it
Tar/Pal-X: yea nice try Tai
Tai: damn
Pal: well...
Tai: i know your agitated
Pal: yea
TM: anyone want to give her a head start?
Gabu: i will bring her to Palmon Bay
Matt: are you sure?
Pal: i know it is pushing it
Matt: a little, no big deal anyway
Gabu: MetalGarurumon will bring you to Palmon Bay
Pal: ok
Matt: ok how bout if i help?
Pal: ok
Gabumon WARP Digivolve to METALGARURUMON!!!
Pal: we will be waiting for you
Tai: ok go
Mimi: this is dumb
JamesAngel: why?
Mimi: well idk, should we be focused on the next enemy?
Izzy: Mimi, they might be planning who is going to attack Palmon next
(Palmon POV)
Matt: how far?
MetalGaruru: Palmon?
Pal: 1 hour
Matt: ok, wait i think i see PrincePalmon
PrincePal: Palmon?
Matt: it's us!
MetalGaruru: where is PrincessPalmon?
PrincePal: she is getting something for an injury i got
Pal: how did you get injured?
PrincePal: out of control digimon
Matt: Palmon?
Pal: where?
PrincePal: back is hurting bad
Pal: what is she getting?
PrincePal: we are close to Palmon Bay
Matt: solution?
PrincePal: yes
PrincessPal: nothing i could find
Pal: we can help you
MetalGaruru: get on my back i will help you to get to Palmon Bay
*Matt and Palmon help PrincePalmon to get on MetalGarurumon's back*
PrincessPal: you good?
PrincePal: yea get on?
PrincessPal: sure
Pal: here *grabs vine*
MetalGaruru: 1 hour til Palmon Bay, here we go!
JamesAngel: well they should be to Palmon Bay about now
Tar/Pal-X: that is true
Tai: i wonder how Palmon is facing the problem *looks at Mimi*
Mimi: well she seemed ok
Agu: well you sure?
Mimi: yes
*Pal POV*
Pal-Chan: you ok?
PrincePal: we are getting close
PrincessPal: Palmon, what team are you?
Pal-Chan: Digidestined why?
PrincessPal: i think you look like a Wind Guardian type Digimon
Pal-Chan: Wind Guardian?
Matt: what is a Wind Guardian?
PrincePal: Wind Guardians are the good type of Digimon, but it looks like your Palmon might also be a Jungle Trooper
Pal-Chan: why? I am not a Jungle Trooper
PrincessPal: you are, if there is a specific group that a Digimon is in, they have 2 teams they are in or 3 for your kind
PrincePal: are we close?
MetalGaruru: just arrived to the gate
Pal-Chan: i will handle the guards
PrincePal: Palmon i got this
Guard: I recognized the royalty
Pal-Chan: thanks
Guard: no problem
Matt: why did you randomly just say that Palmon was a Jungle Trooper and Wind Guardian?
PrincePal: well we Royalty are somewhat different
PrincessPal: well Wind Guardian Palmon are kind, protective of whatever is on their minds
Matt: what is a Palmon described as a Jungle Trooper?
PrincePal: strong, wise, also kind hearted
Pal-Chan: i am all those
PrincePal: we understand
Pal-Chan: i want to see MasterPalmon
PrincePal: lets go
Gabu: well what can we do?
Matt: let Palmon see MasterPalmon
(Pal-Chan's POV)
Pal-Chan: MasterPalmon
MasterPal: Palmon you made it my hero
Pal-Chan: no one is harming you now
MasterPal: you need to wear a good disguise
Pal-Chan: for what?
MasterPal: VDB
Pal-Chan: VDB?
MasterPal: Valley Data Beach
Pal-Chan: what kind of outfit?
MasterPal: you are a Wind Guardian?
Pal-Chan: yes?
MasterPal: also a Jungle Trooper?
Pal-Chan: yes?
StrongPal: Wind Guardian Digimon wear something
Pal-Chan: Samurai outfit?
QueenPal: no Karate GI
Pal-Chan: oh yea
*QueenPalmon gives Palmon Karate GI* (karate outfit for the Wind Guardian)

(Wind Guardian, Karate GI *outfit* is fit to any Digimon that is Wind Guardian, the custom outfit has the Wind Guardian Logo on the front, *outfit color is dark blue for main color, white for secondary color well depends on what level your on for Karate knowledge)

Pal-Chan: well it fits
QueenPal: now for your Jungle Troop Ghilie Cover
Pal-Chan: why this much?

(Ghilie suit cover is just to cover your head and face)

Pal-Chan: do you want these things back?
QueenPal: no, they are yours
Pal-Chan: thanks *leaves*
Matt: well it has been a 1/2 hour
Gabu: should the others be here about now?
Matt: yes
Pal: well i look stupid
Matt: 0_0 no you look pretty nice
Gabu: yea, your a Wind Guardian and Jungle Trooper
Pal: well i do not really need the hood right now
Matt: well?
Pal: he is doing fine but we have to go to Valley Data Beach
Matt: VDB?
Gabu: yes Valley Data Beach\
Pal: well the others here yet?
Matt: soon
Gabu: why you wearing that anyway?
Pal: VDB is a nature Digimon scanner
Gabu: ah, ok
Pal: well we better wait for the others
Matt: yes

*TwisterT, now Ninja Man is defeated*

(Enemy POV)
Hector: wow, what a loss
Carlos: who next?
Hector: i better take care of VDB
Carlos: ok
Hector: Palmon is so going to regret staying behind in a Hurricane
Tornado: Hector, what will you do?
Hector: well, she is a plant, right?
Tornado: yes
Hector: well, lets just say, disaster is upon them
Hurricane: yes
Toricane: heck yes
Volta: true

___ who is next to face the plant?___ we will find out! Story thus far:
Palmon won 2 battles out of 8 (2/8) so yea

TT: hero
T2: hero's son
TM: Lone Wolf Brother
MH: Lone Wolf Brother
JamesAngel: requested (Digimon)
Tar/Pal-X: me as a Digimon
Weldamon: Tm's Digimon
Elementomon: MH's Digimon
AKPatamon: James's Digimon
TwistedPalmon: My Digimon
TwisterT: Defeated
Tornadomon: Enemy Digimon
Ninja Man: Defeated
Toricanemon: Enemy Digimon
Hurricane Hector: Enemy
Hurricanemon: Enemy Digimon
Cyclone Carlos: Enemy
Voltamon: Enemy Digimon

Well good job Palmon, i hope the wind will not knock you down and i hope this is an easy battle, wait Valley Data Beach?
The enemy's Mind Game Palmon's 2nd Battle
Story thus far: Palmon 1 won battle out of 8 2nd one is with another one of TwisterT's brothers, who? Well, Lets find out...
Well good job Palmon, I hope the wind will not knock you down and i hope this is an easy battle, wait Valley Data Beach?
Tornado Twister and the Sincere Adventures Part 11

Palmon's Savior, Twisted Comeback

Story thus far, Palmon and Gatomon saved a Gatomon family from a scary predicament now here is a thing, the battle is to take down TwisterT, Ninja Man, Hurricane Hector, and Cyclone Carlos. Digimon is Tornadomon, Hurricanemon, Toricanemon, and Voltamon.

TT: you ok Palmon?
Pal: yes
Tai: why you look nervous?
Pal: idk, well i cant get over the RGR and Reboot
TT: or worse deleting you
Mimi: not bring that up please?
TT: sorry, Palmon is in an up and down situation
Matt: after what we did to her in the last few days?
Mimi: we just thought she was having a crazy time
Tar/Pal-X: that is true
TwistedPal: with major problems that go right in the end
JamesAngel: Palmon?
Pal: yes
JamesAngel: we need to talk
Pal: ok
JamesAngel: are you happy with TT?
Pal: yes, well idk if he is in love with me
JamesAngel: does TT get stubborn?
Pal: sometimes
JamesAngel: no matter how stubborn he is, keep on going
Pal: can i ask you a question?
JamesAngel: what?
Pal: are you used to being in relationships?
JamesAngel: not saying right now
Pal: ok
JamesAngel: you and TT will have a good relationship
Pal: yes
(Noon) (TwisterT POV and team POV)
TwisterT: well it looks like the seed is growing in her mind
NM: are we all getting after her?
TwisterT: no, i am so thinking that she will not survive me
Hector: so we are going one by one?
Carlos: i think so?
Tornado: well what about me?
TwisterT: all eight of us are going to get after her one by one
Everyone: DOWN AND OUT!
TwisterT: if i don't make it, whoever wants to go next will do the rest of our plan
(Noon) (Destined)
Tai: well we better get moving to stop TwisterT
TT: lets do it!
Everyone: YEAH!!!

{everyone proceeds to find TwisterT and the team, well Palmon has one big concern}

Mimi: Palmon?
Pal: yes?
Mimi: you look concerned
TT: maybe just bothered about something from the past
Pal: no, it is nothing
Gato: well what is the thing holding you back?
Gabu: anything?
Pal: *mind* should i say it?
Tar/Pal-X: need some time?
Pal: Tar, every time i do that, you guys are always in danger
JamesAngel: well not really
AKPata: yes that is true
TwistedPal: nothing will separate this team!
TT: *mind* wait, why am i getting a adrenaline rush?
Pal: you ok?
TT: yea
Pal: ok
TT: Palmon?
Pal: yes
TT: i think i have your problem
Pal: RGR?
TT: how can you tell if someone has it?
Pal: different mood, anger
TT: that it?
Pal: yes
TT: wow
Pal: TT, i have been thinking
TT: yes
Pal: when we do find TwisterT and his team
TT: what?
Pal: no matter how long you guys want to help me, i need to do this alone, all of the weight has been on me
TT: not alone
Pal: RGR or not, no matter i need to do it alone
TT: Palmon, you sure?
Pal: all of this was because of me, ever since the start of our adventure
TT: don't say that, we all had problems
Pal: yea but where did that lead to?
TT: well
Pal: hate, implosion, and depression
TT: Palmon, not all of it was from you though
Pal: TT, i just,
TT: what?
Pal: nevermind *sleeps*
TT: good idea, just need some sleep
(Next morning)
Izzy: well, ok Gennai is back online?
TT: what does he want?
Gennai: how is our plant doing?
Izzy: well she is doing fine unless the,
Pal: what?
Izzy: well you ok?
Pal: yes
Gennai: well i got some good and bad news for you
Pal: what?
Gennai: good news is TwisterT and the team has split up to take you on one by one
Pal: that is good, what is the bad news?
Gennai: i even thing this would've been avoidable, but you need to do this alone
Everyone: !!! WHY!?!?!
Pal: that is insane!
TT: why is that even the only option?
Gennai: the only way to defeat them is only by her alone
Pal: well if that is the case, who is the closest one?
Gennai: TwisterT is the closest one by 100 miles
Pal: what about the rest of them?
Gennai: i do not know
Tai: well if this is all of a setup!
Gennai: if it was, I would've told you
Pal: this will not be easy
TT: Palmon, we all have seen you at your best!
Pal: doing this alone though
TT: RGR will be on your side
TM: damn true
Gennai: good luck, and i hope to see you at the end of this war, Izzy i sent you a checklist on the enemies she defeated
Pal: wow, all of sudden life or death
Gennai: one more thing, the deletion of you will be the backup
Everyone: !!!
Pal: so defeating me is an option
Gennai: to reset YOUR timeline

{timeline in this term meaning, she will not be able to remember anyone else that she loved}

Pal: that does not sound good
Tar/Pal-X: that is dumb
JamesAngel: that is so stupid
AKPata: agree
TwistedPal: so do all of us
Mimi: nothing can stop this now
Pal: as long i keep moving i will not be deleted
TT: listen, how about since you wanted to take TwisterT down, how about if you go now?
Pal: i will
(Noon) (Palmon's Adventure)
Pal: this will be a personal bout to see who will be the last one standing
TwistedPal: you know, i will sense if you will win or not, so i can keep them notified
Pal: thanks
TT: here (gives her his Tornado sword) you need it more than i do
Pal: guys if anything happens
TT: well we will be there to get you out of there
(Palmon leaves)
Tai: well she is alone, again like the 100th time
Agu: she will win
Gabu: that the truth
Matt: she has handled the emotion too long of being the target
Biyo: serious change in her attitude
Sora: well she has changed a lot
Izzy: any predictions?
Tento: her winning
TK: agree
Pata: same
Kari: we know she will
Gato: true
Davis: well thinking she will be alive would be good
Vee: damn truth
Yoeli: he will never know what hit him
Hawk: good thing to
Armadil: alone or together she will win
Cody: thinking the same
Ken: she survived many storms this will be the same
Worm: she will win
TM: RGR will come in handy
Welda: flaming rage is on her side
MH: damn true
Element: agree
Tar/Pal-X: agree
JamesAngel: agree
TwistedPal: agree
AKPata: agree
TT: if she survives, me and her are in a relationship that will have a happy ending
T2: she will have a happy future
Mimi: she will be our savior when this all ends
(Palmon POV)
Pal: *mind* ok, find TwisterT, take him out, go back, tell them good news, and lets see how this all plays out. Why am I thinking that i will not win this? Idk, keep an upbeat attitude, than RGR will be on my side, i know that for a fact, lets prove TwisterT wrong! Well i think this is a good time to just rest for a few minutes. *stops under a tree by the forest*
Sora: she said she will come back in a few days after this fight
Mimi: she did say that

{10 days no not a timeline change just how much days Palmon has to defeat TwisterT}

Pal: *mind* why do i feel like that i am bring watched? Ah well, better keep moving! TwisterT you are going to be deleted!
JamesAngel: Sora?
Sora: yes?
JamesAngel: do you think that Palmon will win?
Sora: doubting her?
JamesAngel: what? No, i am just asking if you are confident that she will win?
Sora: James, Palmon has been on our side in and out sometimes, her happy personality will keep her in the mood to fight
JamesAngel: not only that, her RGR will play an important role
Sora: true, she has kept an upbeat personality
JamesAngel: uh, well true
Sora: well the times that she was downhill were bad enough
JamesAngel: well i knew her ever since TM and MH had her
TM: shut up about it
JamesAngel: well it is true
Sora: i know she will win, injured or not, rage or not, no matter what the problem, she will win!
JamesAngel: true, true
Tai: you do forget that she has Rage on her side?
JamesAngel: hell like if i would forget?
Matt: knowing Palmon, she will be alive
(Evening) (of Day 1) ((Palmon POV))
Pal: *mind* TwisterT, where the Twisted Hell are you? I know you are close, but where? I know you are close, just give a sign that you are close, TwisterT, TwisterT, TWISTERT! TWISTERT, TWISTERT! I KNOW YOU ARE CLOSE! SHOW! YOURSELF! (RGR)
(Destined) ((Evening)) (((day 1)))
TT: how about we go back to Myotis?
Tai: why?
TT: he has a screen that would let us see how Palmon is doing?
Tai: true
(At myotismon's castle)
Myotis: well she is just keeping right now
Pied: the show is getting started
Ete: she just got started
JamesAngel: she has to do it alone
Tar/Pal-X: that damn truthful
Gato: Mimi? You ok?
Mimi: alright, i think, i just am
TT: what?
JamesAngel: shut up TT
TT: ...
Mimi: worried
TwistedPal: no worries, we are just getting started
T2: well she just needs rest for her to fight TwisterT
Mimi: what if she loses?
TT: sacrifices are made
(Day 2) (Palmon POV)
Pal: i sense him coming
TwisterT: oh, if it is the weed that walks around
Pal: shut up!
TwisterT: strong words from a little young Digimon
Pal: oh, you are so regretting it!
TwisterT: am i?
Pal: (RGR) TRY ME!
TT: she is going into RGR, this early?
Izzy: better advantage, i am predicting
TK: anyone guessing she will win this?
Kari: doubt?
TK: no, not really
AKPata: why is everyone thinking she will not win?
TT: she is on her own that is why
T2: damn true
Tar/Pal-X: this will end bad for TwisterT
(Palmon POV)
TwisterT: no, you first
TwisterT: *misses the attack* you are boring
Pal: (RGR) *gets hit* OH, ENOUGH! POSION IVY!
Mimi: wow, she has lot more speed
Izzy: she has improved a lot ever since
Tai: how much?
Izzy: *pulls up Palmon profile* strength is a good 300/300, endurance is 200/200 speed 100/100
JamesAngel: damn good stats
TT: i thought speed was more?
Izzy: yes but she is saving it
TT: oh yea, TwisterT is down!
(Palmon POV)
TwisterT: you are the weak one! *energy drainer*
Everyone: NO! PALMON!
Mimi: is she ok?
TT: no, her energy is being drained
Matt: this is stupid that we can not help her!
Tai: Palmon is getting drained of her energy!
Gato: this is stupid!
Vee: i wonder if we can help
JamesAngel: this is getting out of hand
(Palmon POV)
Pal: *mind* i cannot do this alone, even though they said i had to
TwisterT: you already lost! *energy drainer*
Pal: no please dont i beg of you
TwisterT: you know this is no fun if the energy is drained
Pal: *mind* what is he saying?
TwisterT: you know, i can take down your childhood home!
Pal: *mind* NO! PLEASE DON'T!
TwisterT: it is around 20 miles away, so why not?
Pal: *mind* i don't know if i can make it
Mimi: she is not going to make it!
Gato: TT, get her to Palmon Bay right away!
TT: that is what i was thinking! *leaves*
Biyo: is she ok?
Gato: no, her energy has been drained, she can't even walk straight
Agu: what can we do?
Tai: nothing much, this is her fight
Gabu: if she is on her own, why is TT getting her to Palmon Bay?
Izzy: well the mention said she has to fight them alone, did not say anything about helping her reenergize
JamesAngel: well at least TT is getting her to Palmon Bay
(Pal POV)
Pal: *mind* why is my life hopeless? I can not do this alone
Pal: *mind* TT!?!
TT: wow, you look unharmed
Pal: *wakes up* what happened?
TT: your energy was drained, you are unable to fight though
Pal: i need to get to Palmon Bay
TT: i know, i am going to get you over there
Pal: thanks
T2: she is ok!
Tar/Pal-X: the problem though TT is unable to help Palmon win the fight
JamesAngel: that is true
AKPata: Izzy, what does it say about the team helping?
Izzy: nothing at all, wait
Matt: what?
Izzy: we can cut the path of TwisterT off!
TK: well we better get moving!
Tai: how far are we?
T2: ahead of TwisterT, behind TT though, 10 miles
JamesAngel: me and Tar will help TT with an escort plan
Tar/Pal-X: ok, let's go!
(James and Tar leave)
Tai: Matt, if Wargreymon and MetalGarurumon can help with the escort
Matt: i know what you are thinking
TK: wait, what about if the rest of TwisterT's guys show up?
Kari: i agree, make sure they don't show
Tai: yea good thinking
TM: me and MH will send a Tornado Signal, to Palmon Bay
Tai: smart
(TM and MH leave)
(TK and Kari leave)
(Tai and Matt leave)
(Palmon Bay royalty POV)
MasterPal: well we better think of approving it
QueenPal: sir, there is some more company
MasterPal: ok, let them in
QueenPal: sir!
PrincePal: i wonder how TT and the team are doing
PrincessPal: we will know as soon as possible
(Tornado Signal Howl)
Prince and PrincessPal: what the?
TT: we come to send an message that will need approval!
StrongPal: MasterPalmon needs to hear this?
Pal-Chan: TwisterT is going to destroy Palmon Bay!
StrongPal: that is not good!
MasterPal: what is the problem?
TT: TwisterT is going on a rampage to destroy Palmon Bay
Pal-Chan: we need to get a head start
MasterPal: let it play out
Pal-Chan: listen, TwisterT drained my energy almost, i need to plan the attack on my own
TT: that was the recommended law
MasterPal: on your own?
Pal-Chan: yes, there is a big problem though ... *collapses*
MasterPal: PALMON!
TT: Palmon has been wasted up, she needs time to rest!
JamesAngel: we better cut the path of TwisterT
Tar/Pal-X: let me escort Palmon to an area that is quiet
MasterPal: there is a mind clearance pool in the castle, that restores a Palmon's energy
Tar/Pal-X: where is that?
PrincePal: follow me
PrincessPal: she looks horrible
Tar/Pal-X: she has lost all her energy
PrincePal: lets get her to the pool quick
PrincessPal: we got this
Tar/Pal-X: ok
Tai: where is she?
Matt: she better be ok
MasterPal: it will take a full body recharge around 5 hours
TT: damn, TwisterT is going to be here soon
TwisterT: you were saying *throws TT around*
TT: what the hell!
TwisterT: where is the plant?!
MasterPal: no where near here!
TwisterT: shut up! You running Palmon Bay like a slave state!
MasterPal: SHUT UP!
TT: i will take him out!
TwisterT: *chases TT*
TT: *flies high up*
JamesAngel: what can we do?
TK: where can we see her?
Kari: in the castle
MasterPal: yes, better go quick now!
Tai: guys, do not be close to the castle, TwisterT will know that she is here, and do not attack
Neferte: this will not be easy
Pegasus: why?
TwistedPal: not fighting
AKPata: that is so true
WarGrey: let's not make the lookback
MetalGaruru: TT better survive for 5 hours
Welda: well it seems that Palmon and TT are in a strong bond
Element: this is serious
(3 hour in pool)
Pal: *mind* people care for what is the best on in and out, why am i thinking?
Matt: i wonder what she is thinking
Tai: well whatever it is, she is thinking about defeating TwisterT
Pal: *mind* damn true
MasterPal: she has another 2 hours left
Matt: no damage on her body
Tai: the only notice, is well nothing
TK: 2 more hours, what can TT do?
Kari: still chase TwisterT in a cause
Pal: *mind* 2 more hours? LET ME FIGHT!!!
(2 hours later in the pool)
TT: *knocked out*
MasterPal: her time is up, let her wake up on her own
Pal: *mind* TT!!! I AM COMING! *wakes up*
Tai: what happened?
Matt: she is in a confused situation
JamesAngel: it is ok, your fine!
Tar/Pal-X: no, everything is not ok
Pal: why?
Tar/Pal-X: TT's energy is being drained
Pal-Chan: i should go!
MasterPal: why that seems like an idea
TM: guys!
MH: TT is out cold!
TwisterT: look at that weed
TwisterT: how about you digivolve?
TwisterT: oh great, what a match!
Togo: you are driving all of us insane!
TwisterT: you are seriously boring!
MasterPal: clear the area!
T2: *TORNADO SIREN HOWL* clear the area ASAP!!!
TwisterT: *TORNADO FLASH BOMB* (bright light)
Togo: AH!
Everyone: AH!
Togo: i need to go higher!
Mimi: Togomon!
TwisterT: ah, the family reunion!
*Togomon Digivolve to LILLYMON*
TwisterT: woah!
Lilly: guys get out of the way, in fact in the castle
TT: guys just do it, she is on her own
Lilly: i will use it on him soon
TwisterT: wow, what an epic spoiler! I will win!
TwisterT: you are so easy to predict!
TwisterT: lose! You are so stupidly predictable
Lilly: get out of my LIFE!
TwisterT: gladly *ENERGY DRAINER* you will never be with these fools!
Everyone: LILLYMON!!!
Izzy: why is Gennai back?
Gennai: she fighting?
Gennai: the legend says that only certain ones can help a friend, but in Palmon's case, she has to get the final shot!
Izzy: who are the ones that can help her!
Gennai: TT, T2, JamesAngel, Tar/Pal-X, TwistedPalmon, AKPatamon, Wargreymon, and MetalGarurumon
JamesAngel: well let's go with it!
Tar/Pal-X: let bring TwisterT down to hell!
Agu: let's do this!
Gabu: bring it on!
TwisterT: i will drain all this energy from you!
Lilly: TT! We have gone this far!
TT: listen, me, T2, JamesAngel, Tar,Pal-X, Agumon, and Gabumon will be here for you!
TwisterT: why that is nice, she is going to be deleted!
Agu: i am just thinking that she might not make it
Gabu: why?
Agu: remember MarquisDemon?
Gabu: yes
JamesAngel: who is MarquisDemon?
Agu: he looked human
TwisterT: you know what is funny? that your flower is going to die!
T2: oh no!
Lilly: idk if i can do this, alone
JamesAngel: this is not good!
Tar/Pal-X: this is her final shot!
Lilly: *mind* when i fought MarquisDemon i unlocked something inside i held for so long, how can I release it?
Mimi: this is driving me insane!
TwisterT: if i recall you did not give 2 cares about your Lilly!
Mimi: SHUT UP!
TwisterT: poor Pella!
Everyone: !!! HOW?
Lilly: why!
TwisterT: Palmon will have no energy to take out the rest of the team!
TT: this is getting nowhere!
TwisterT: *mind* she will have no life left in those roots
TT: Lillymon! You OK?!
Pal: yes
TwisterT: (in pain) you just made a risky move!
Pal: *anger* you made my life a living nightmare fro me, you and your friends are going to pay!
TwisterT: (in pain) i am just the start, get through Tornadomon, if you can
Pal: i will take all of you out!
TwisterT: your scared, alone, no one will help you, including TT!
Tornado: TwisterT is out
NM: your next
Tornado: she will be the one that falls short of her planned goal
Hurricane: that is true
Hector: she will have no chance
Carlos: nope
Toricane: it is her fault that she jumped into family business
Volta: if she even makes it to me, she will fall short!
Tornado: Ninja Man?
NM: yes?
Tornado: change of plan, us Digimon are going to go last
Hector, Carlos: good idea
Pal: 7 more to go
Tai: guys, this is big on us, all of us need to watch our backs
TT: Palmon, who's next?
Pal: who ever gets in our way
Tar/Pal-X: we will be here
JamesAngel: agree

___ who is next to face the plant?___ we will find out! Story thus far:
Palmon won 1 battle out of 8 (1/8) so yea,

TT: hero
T2: hero's son
TM: Lone Wolf Brother
MH: Lone Wolf Brother
JamesAngel: requested (Digimon)
Tar/Pal-X: me as a Digimon
Weldamon: Tm's Digimon
Elementomon: MH's Digimon
AKPatamon: James's Digimon
TwistedPalmon: My Digimon
TwisterT: Defeated
Tornadomon: Enemy Digimon
Ninja Man: Enemy
Toricanemon: Enemy Digimon
Hurricane Hector: Enemy
Hurricanemon: Enemy Digimon
Cyclone Carlos: Enemy
Voltamon: Enemy Digimon

Now what i said in every parts previous this was a love story, well somewhat it is, because i have been on and off the story and it is hard to get the groove back, well, no worries
Palmon's Savior Twisted Comeback
Palmon is on a mission, what is the mission? DESTROY TWISTERT AND HIS TEAM, lets see how this plays out

The title is going to be changed from TT and the sincere Adventures to whatever the story is like. :)

Enemy list for Palmon: (battles she won so far)
There is Sincere light upon us
GMK fan 2001 character not mine I give him full credit…
There looks like Palmon looks happy, why is she crying tears of joy, about something
Gabumon and Palmon love story
Key things to not be confused:
(Mind of the Digimon, Place, Time, or Emotion)
{I usually step in so i cannot confuse you}

{this story is taking place when the human friends are in the real world and their Digimon are in their (place) in the Digital World}

(DTC afternoon) (in an Apartment)
Agu: (concerned) Gabumon?
Gabu: yes?
Agu: i am so concerned about Biyomon and the others
Gabu: well i think Palmon is the only one not in DTC i think
Agu: why?
Gabu: well the last thing she said recently was that her BF broke up with her
Agu: who was he?
Gabu: uh, IDK i have to send her another letter
Agu: wait where is she?
Gabu: her childhood home Palmon Bay
Agu: oh ok
Biyo: are you guys ok?
Gabu: Agumon is worried about Palmon
Agu: she is still with that crazy BF I think

{ok, letting you know, Every Digimon has a Digivice like phone now, just to keep in touch with their friends or family in the Digital World}

Gabu: let me call her (tries to call Palmon)
Biyo: why would she stay at Palmon Bay?
Agu: no idea, i sure hope she is ok
Gabu: nothing
Agu: how far is Palmon Bay?
Gabu: 5 day walk
Biyo: i honestly thought she broke up with him?
Gabu: she said they were doing alright
Goma: anything from Palmon Bay?
Gabu: wait Agumon, did you send Gatomon and Patamon?
Agu: yes nothing back
Gabu: let's hope there is something positive
Biyo: why was she back over there?
Gabu: well i think she just wanted to be with her BF
Biyo: who is her BF?
Gabu: she did not say
Goma: nothing at all
Gabu: no
Goma: let's hope everything is ok
Agu: wait i got a message from Gatomon!
Gato: (message) we have been sitting outside hearing the yelling and arguing and it almost ended badly for Palmon, we almost had to step in, BF told her to get out.
Agu: (responds) who is her BF?
Gabu: what does the message say?
(Agumon shows Gabumon the message)
Gabu: oh no!
(Switching POV's)
Gato: that is messed up!
Pata: why? The yelling or the threats?
Gato: both
Pata: that is crazy!
(Palmon runs off to DTC)
Gato: she is running off?
Pata: let's go
Gato: ok
(Evening) (still Gato, Pata and Pal)
Pal: (depressed)
Gato: are you ok?
Pal: Gatomon! What are you doing here?
Gato: we decided to see how you were doing
Pal: well it is nothing
Pata: are you sure?
Gato: it did not seem like it
Pal: well
Gato: (worried) listen, we will talk to him
Pal: it will not work, he is crazy in many ways
Gato: break up with him!
Pal: i tried every time!
Gato: hold on i got a message (reads it)
Agu: (message) Tai and the others are coming back for a little bit maybe a month
Gato: (responds) Palmon is on her way to DTC in the next few days.
Pata: what?
Gato: Kari and the others are coming back
Pal: great
Gato: are you happy?
Pal: no, i just,
Gato: well you still have us
Pata: that is true!
Pal: yes
Gato: well let's keep moving
Pal: yeah
(Few days later) (Destined)
Tai: well where is Palmon, Patamon, and Gatomon?
Mimi: is she ok?
Agu: well, something is going
Pata: !!! YOUR HERE!
TK: where is Palmon?
Gato: i thought she was coming
Kari: where is she?
(Pal appears)
Mimi: Palmon!
Gato: wait!
Mimi: what?
Pal: (scared)
Everyone: ?
Pal: What?
Agu: are you ok?
Tai: she looks like she just got out of a riot
Matt: she has not been around them maybe?
Gabu: !!!
Tai: maybe a rough wind storm XD
Matt: XD
Pal: ?
Tai: really nothing?
Matt: wow rough
Tai: hey i thought she would get the joke!
Gato: i dont think jokes will help her now
Pal: well there has been a problem
Mimi: what?
Pal: can we talk alone?
Mimi: yes
Tai: wow what got her not blooming?
Gato: i think her BF just got the best of her
Everyone: !!!
Tai: wow!
Matt: serious?
Everyone: !!!
Pal: IF THAT LUNATIC DECIDES TO GET ON YOUR NERVES!!! Always had a Flaming temper!!!
Tai: i wonder who she is talking about?
Mimi: look let's go see him!
Pal: he is Hakase!
Mimi: Agu Hakase?
Pal: yes!
Mimi: uh why not break up?
Pal: i will! When he shows up!
Everyone: (worried)
(Few days later)
Hakase: PALMON! Where are you?
Pal: you know what?
Hakase: WHAT!
Agu: oh hell no!
Gabu: that is not right!
Hakase: you guys stay out of this!
Pal: (anger) we are through!!!
Hakase: i hope these guys treat you like something else!
Tai: you ok?
Pal: yes finally got him off my vines!
Everyone: :)
Gato: ok thank goodness that is out of the way
Pal: right
(2 months later)
Agu: well they are back in their world
Gabu: yep
Pal: i am staying here anyway
Goma: that is good
Gabu: Palmon, can we talk?
Pal: sure alone?
Gabu: yeah
Agu: you in love? XD
Gabu: -_-
Pal: ?
Agu: it wouldn't matter if you are Mimi would know
Pal: what about Matt then?
Gabu: idk let's go
Pal: ok
(Outside the Apartment)
Pal: what do you want to talk about?
Gabu: well, i just am worried about you
Pal: ? Why? Just asking not to be rude?
Gabu: well i was just worried about you being alone
Pal: i am fine
Gabu: well ok Agumon and I will be here if you need us
Pal: thanks
Gabu: (mind) she looks so nice, i don't want her knowing i am in love with her
(Back with the team)
Agu: well what was it about?
Pal: nothing much just concerned
Agu: i see
Gabu: yeah just worried
(Everyone walking around DTC) (noon)
Pal: (upset) this is kind of strange
Gato: what?
Pal: nothing how are you and Patamon doing?
Gato: good, wait you want another BF?
Pal: uh, -_-
Gato: wait i think i understand when the time comes
Pata: at least we are family with the others
Pal: that is true
Agu: well i think me and Biyomon are doing ok
Pal: ok
Agu: Dont tell Gabumon i told you this, ever since you came back, he is worried about you
Pal: i think I understand
(Broadway Bridge in DTC) (sunset)
Gato: that is true
Agu: it is so nice
Biyo: yes it is
Agu: :3
Pal: you ok Gabumon?
Gabu: yeah
Pal: are you sure?
Gabu: yes
Goma: cmon guys lighten up XD
Gabu: it is nice out here nothing can happen
(Pal gets shoved)
Everyone: ?
Digimon: geez take it easy!
Pal: I would've fell into the water!
Gabu: take it easy!
Digimon: whatever
Pal: watch it!
(Almost gets shoved again)
Pal: Gabumon?
Digimon: oh you stepping up for your GF? How cute!
Gabu: (shoves back) you never push a lady at all!
Pal: Gabumon?
Digimon: well i better leave you 2 back at star gazing
Gabu: get out of here!
Pal: Gabumon?
Gabu: yeah, you ok?
Pal: I'm fine, you had me scared for a second
Gabu: why?
Pal: idk
Gabu: if that Digimon pushed you in the water
Pal: understandable
Gabu: yea
Pal: (leaves) im going back
Gabu: i will make sure that lunatic Digimon never comes after her (follows)
Agu: !!! Well that was crazy
Gato: did he seriously just stand up for Palmon?
Pata: that was good that Gabu defended her
Gato: true Palmon seemed surprised
Tento: it was a good thing too
Biyo: that was nice of him doing it
Pal: (mind) is he seriously in love with me? He just saved me right there!
Gabu: (mind) i wonder what she is thinking?
Pal: Gabumon?
Gabu: yea?
Pal: out there, well
Gabu: i think i know what your saying, i had too, i did not want it to happen
Pal: well thanks
Gabu: no problem
(Arrive at the Apartment)
Pal: wow the view from here is much prettier (looks out the window)
Gabu: yes it is
Pal: (mind) i actually wonder if i am his kind?
Gabu: (mind) the sunset is pretty, your much prettier then the sunset
Pal: (mind) i wish Gabumon would be with me right now, even though he is behind me
Gabu: Palmon?
Pal: yes?
Gabu: i think the others are coming
Pal: ok Gabumon?
Gabu: yes?
Pal: *hugs Gabumon* thanks for saving me
Gabu: no problem *hugs back*
Pal: it looks like they are here *steps back*
Gabu: (stares out the window)
Agu: guys made it ok?
Pal: yes
Gabu: *still stares out* yes she was ok
Pal: (mind) HE IS IN LOVE WITH ME!
Gato: you ok?
Pal: what?
Gato: you were acting strange
Pal: I'm fine
Gato: ok
(Midnight) (everyone asleep well Palmon isn't)
Pal: (mind) i need to just move around (leaves)
Gabu: (wakes up) what the heck? *follows Pal from a safe distance*
Pal: Gabumon?
Gabu: *surprised* Palmon!
Pal: you following me?
Gabu: couldn't sleep just heard you walk out
Pal: *suspicious* ok? Uh I'm fine if your with me
Gabu: ok
Pal: Agumon keep you awake?
Gabu: yes
Pal: understandable
Gabu: yes why did you not sleep?
Pal: idk
Gabu: just curious
Pal: idk i said
Gabu: ok sorry
Pal: it's fine
Gabu: (notices a tree pinning a Digimon) LOOK!
Pal: OH NO! The tree landed on the Digimon!
Gabu: lets go help him
Pal: yeah!
(Both rush to the scene)
Pal: are you ok?
Digimon: Palmon-X is the name
Pal: are you hurt?
Pal-X: my legs are stuck!
Pal: we will try to get this tree off you
Gabu: this tree is big
Pal: what happened?
Pal-X: some lunatic just did a fire blast and hit the tree and i got caught in the disaster
Pal: Hakase!
Gabu: !!!
Pal-X: my legs!!!
Pal: we are trying our best!
Gabu: why not use your vines?
Pal: good idea!
Pal-X: wrap them around something solid
Pal: *notices a fountain* Poison Ivy! *wraps around the tree and Fountain*
Gabu: Palmon-X you going to be fine
Pal-X: try to push it off!
Gabu: wait Palmon!
Pal: yes?
Gabu: why not Digivolve?
Pal: good idea! *digivolves to Togo*
Gabu: *digivolves to Garuru*
Togo: i will try to push this tree out of the way!
Garuru: same! *gets attacked* What the!
Hakase: you think this is going to stop!
Togo: you hurt a defenseless Digimon!
Hakase: don't care
Hakase: wow you are seriously defending your one love!
Togo: !!! You were the one that tried to shove me!?
Hakase: YES!
Hakase: this is getting boring
Pal-X: oh if you did not know, MY LEGS ARE NUMB!

{ok since this is Palmon-X not Tar ok}

Garuru: we are trying our best right now!
Togo: i will try to get this tree off her!
Garuru: Howling Blaster! *aims at the tree*
*tree gets split*
Pal-X: thanks
(Togo dedigivolves back to Palmon)
Pal: you ok?
Pal-X: yeah
Pal: look we need to bring you to the Digimon Health Center here in DTC
Hakase: is that nice that you are taking care of your own
Hakase: *twists Pal's arms* try to use them now!
Garuru: enough!!!
Hakase: jeez take car of you GF
Hakase: *leaves*
Pal-X: are you ok?
Pal: no! My arms got twisted badly
Garuru: get on my back
Pal: Palmon-X
Pal-X: i will help you get up
Garuru: *gets lower for climb* making it easier
Pal: thanks
Pal-X: lets go
Garuru: *rushes to the Health center*
Pal: *in pain* this is bad
Gabu: let me get them back to there spot
Pal: ok
Pal-X: are you good?
Pal: i think so
(Arms back in socket)
Pal: that felt weird
Pal-X: i think i got it from here thanks
Gabu: no problem
Pal: lets go back to the others
Gabu: agree
(Early morning)
Pal: i think they are still sleeping
Gabu: yes i think so
(Mid morning) Gabumon and Palmon are extremely tired)
Agu: i thought you would be awake?
Gabu: no i am just did not get any sleep
Pal: same
Agu: we will leave you 2 alone :3
Pal: ok?
Pal: you awake?
Gabu: yes
Pal: are you sure?
Gabu: i have an idea
Pal: what?
Gabu: i want to well
Pal: what?
Gabu: well uh, *___* (mind) be your BF! Say it already!
Pal: your not ok just take it easy ok?
Gabu: yeah sure
(Late Afternoon)
Agu: are you ok?
Gabu: i cant say it
Agu: what?
Gabu: i need your help Agumon, Palmon is just well
Agu: !!! You in love with her!
Gabu: i feel really bad for her ex
Agu: we all did
Gabu: i need your help
Agu: ok i will help you :3
Gabu: seriously!
Agu: what?
Gabu: idk if she will accept it
Agu: she is the calm happy Palmon we know
Pal: Agumon? What's up?
Biyo: do you want me
Agu: no your fine Biyomon
Gabu: (nervous) oh great
Agu: it's ok Gabumon your fine, she is not mad
Gabu: how can you tell?
Agu: i was her ex too
Pal: which i still remember that dumb moment!
Biyo: ^_^ serious?
Pal: yeah he was kind of crazy
Agu: ~_~ Gabumon is in love with you
Gabu: yeah it is true
Pal: you are?
Gabu: yes i just am well
Pal: no i think i understand
Gabu: you do?
Pal: yes i am not mad or angry at you i understand
Gabu: ok
Pal: i known you ever since we have been saving the Digital World
Agu: told you she will not be mad
Gabu: true
Biyo: you guys should go on a date i think they call it
Gabu: any place special?
Pal: what about you?
Gabu: how about that one place that is all over the Digital World now?
Pal: that crazy one?
Gabu: yes
Pal: ok lets go my "Handsome-MON"
Gabu: why after you Miss Palmon
Agu: when will you be back?
Gabu: late
Agu: ok later
Biyo: have fun you two!
(Gabumon and Palmon are now at the {diner})
Gabu: (stirred thoughts) wow
Pal: you ok?
Gabu: yes
Pal: you still realize that we did not get enough sleep?
Gabu: yeah
(After their meal)
Gabu: how about we go back?
Pal: yes
Gabu: lets go
Pal: yes Gabu
Gabu: Palmon?
Pal: yes?
Gabu: are you ok?
Pal: yes *holds back crying*
Gabu: are you sure
Pal: yes *holds back*
Gabu: *hugs Palmon* your ok
Pal: *cries*
Gabu: look let's go outside on the roof
Pal: ok
(On the roof)
Gabu: why did you start crying?
Pal: idk
Gabu: is everything ok?
Pal: no
Gabu: want to tell me? *huddles closer to Palmon*
Pal: *gets closer to Gabumon* well it is the ex BF
Gabu: i know he injured you physically it scared you mentally
Pal: yes
Gabu: it is getting cold out here lets go back in
Pal: ok
(Inside their apartment)
Pal: i think i will not fall asleep
Gabu: it is not healthy
Pal: i know
Gabu: serious
Pal: what?
Gabu: the windows are open
Pal: it is fine
Gabu: ok
(Palmon sits on the floor by the window looking out)

{if it sounds werid i understand}

Agu: i had the window open
Gabu: ok Palmon is still upset
Agu: really
Gabu: yes (goes to comfort Palmon)
Pal: Gabu?
Gabu: i decided not to let you be alone
Pal: *gets closer ti Gabumon* (mind) i am not tired i am depressed
Gabu: are you ok?
Pal: *head on his shoulder*
Gabu: (mind) maybe sleeping
Pal: (mind) i am so cold
Gabu: (lays Palmon's head down gently) *whispers* i will get a blanket for you
Pal: *mind* should i move?
Gabu: *wraps it around Palmon*
Pal: thanks Gabu
Gabu: no problem
(Next morning)
Agu: guys I got a message from Tai saying they are coming again
Gabu: that is nice
Biyo: when?
Agu: tonight
Pal: great
Gabu: what?
Pal: Mimi sent me a lot of messages about how i was feeling ever since the problem
Agu: at least you have a better BF then the last one
Pal: yes
Agu: they're here!
Gabu: Palmon?
Pal: i want to let Mimi think that i am still upset
Gabu: ok
Matt: what's up guys?
Gabu: Matt! You guys are here!
Tai: why not?
(Everyone laughing, except Palmon)
Mimi: you still upset
Pal: not in the mood to talk
Tai: serious? Guys never helped her?
Gabu: she was depressed we thought leaving her alone would work
Matt: Gabumon, i think you with her would be a good connection just saying
Mimi: that would be so cute!!!
Pal: what do you think Gabumon?
Gabu: I'm fine with it
Pal: thanks
Gabu: what?
Tai: she has changed a lot ever since
Agu: yeah
Matt: it is a good thing she has us
Gabu: yeah at least we all care
Mimi: can we talk Gabumon?
Gabu: sure
Matt: Palmon?
Pal: what?
Matt: we talk alone?
Pal: sure
(POV switches)
Mimi: you know Palmon for a long time?
Gabu: she always gives out happiness to anyone that is with her
Mimi: true well she has a personality that is serious
Gabu: really?
Mimi: yes she is serious on protecting her friends
Gabu: she has that fun personality
Mimi: she does if she is happy though
Gabu: i like that about her, she is always there when the times are tough
Mimi: the bigger question is, will you be there if she needs the help?
Gabu: yes
Pal: she takes being together on a whole new level
Gabu: why?
Mimi: if you abandon her, she will not take it lightly
Gabu: why?
Mimi: well it is better not to know and not try
Gabu: understandable
Matt: i know that you are friends with him, he is sometimes shy i noticed
Pal: yes i noticed that
Matt: dont let his personality fool you though
Pal: why?
Matt: he wants to be in a happy relationship just saying
Pal: he is funny too
Matt: yes he is
Mimi: anything?
Matt: just the basic things
Pal: Gabumon?
Gabu: yes?
Pal: shell we?
Gabau: where?
Pal: anywhere
Gabu: i know a good spot
Mimi: we will come?
Matt: give them a minute
Pal: no it's fine
Gabu: why not since you guys are here
Matt: ok
(Digi RIV Park) (evening)
Pal: it is so beautiful at sunset
Gabu: at least it is nicer than the other day
Matt: yeah it is
Pal: well i think there is a question i wanted to ask
Gabu: what?
Pal: do you think i am attractive?
Gabu: *gently grabs Palmon's hand* Palmon, to me, you are the most attractive Digimon i know.
Pal: you sure?
Gabu: positive
Matt: Gabumon be careful how you say it bud!
Gabu: whatever Matt she is
Pal: *gets closer* stare at the scenery?
Gabu: yes we shall my love
Mimi: what do you want to do?
Matt: let's leave them alone let's go back to the apartment
Mimi: ok
Pal: now we are alone
Gabu: *face gets closer to hers* (mind) closer!
Pal: *blushes* you want to?
Gabu: we are alone
Pal: *closer to his face* we better be careful
Gabu: why?
Pal: *kisses him*
Gabu: *surprised* Pal, Palmon
Pal: what?
Gabu: it is getting darker
Pal: yes it is want to go back?
Gabu: sure

{ah, so cute!}

Pal: they are going insane
Gabu: why?
Pal: they will never pay attention
Gabu: ok?
Pal: i am tired though
Gabu: why i should help you
Pal: ? Thanks?
Gabu: i insist
Pal: ok *blushes*
Gabu: *blushes lightly*
Matt: *notices* Mimi?
Mimi: what?
Matt: it looks like they are going to sleep
Mimi: yes so?
Matt: just saying
Pal: thanks Gabumon
Gabu: need anything?
Pal: no I'm good
Gabu: *light kiss* night my sweet Palmon
Pal: love you too Gabu
Mimi: ah, they are so
Matt: i know they are it is just so odd that they are together now
Mimi: why?
Matt: no clue i give Gabumon credit though for helping Palmon
Gabu: Matt you ok?
Matt: I'm proud that you stood up to the plate like that to make Palmon happy
Gabu: it's nothing
Mimi: good thing you sis help her
Matt: you want to sleep with her?
Gabu: i was going to
Matt: ok
Mimi: thank you Gabumon
Gabu: it is honored to help Palmon
Matt: why is it honored?
Gabu: her ex BF
Matt: oh yes
Gabu: *yawns* it was a big day
Matt: yea it was
Gabu: *sleeps with Palmon* good night my Pal
Mimi: *overheard* ah so cute
Matt: what?
Mimi: Gabumon being gentleman like to Palmon
Matt: ah i see
Pal: *wakes up* **yawns** what time, oh ***tries to fall asleep***
Gabu: *wakes up* you ok?
Pal: freezing and trying to go to sleep
Gabu: you want my pelt?
Pal: wait you have another one for you?
Gabu: yes, never just have one because i can just wash the old one
Pal: but
Gabu: here hold on *out of bed*
Pal: ok?
Gabu: *pelt in hand* this is a new one
Pal: wait you were not joking
Gabu: no here this one is yours, i have more
Pal: you never run out?
Gabu: no if one gets wore out or torn up or something it regenerates
Pal: ok thanks Gabu
Gabu: here let me help you
Pal: *puts it on* wow it so soft
Gabu: *helps putting it on* arms through the sleeves?
Pal: i think so
Gabu: now i think your good
Pal: thanks
Gabu: your welcome
Pal: *falls asleep fast*
(Next morning)
Pal: *wakes up* **Yawns** do you want it back?
Gabu: you have it
Pal: thanks
Gabu: no problem
Matt: you have his?
Pal: what?
Matt: honestly i thought you had the one he had
Pal: ok
Gabu: she was cold
Matt: good thing you had an extra
Pal: yea he did *concerned*
Matt: Palmon, can i ask you something?
Pal: anything no matter how hard feeling the question is
Mimi: Matt, some questions i asked her, she just flipped out
Matt: were you thinking about getting well
Pal: ? What are you saying?
Pata:i think i know what he is saying
Gato: marriage?
Matt: yes
Pal: um we are not close to that yet
Gabu: still a thought
Pal: yes
Gabu: *holds her hand* well when ever the time is right
Pal: yes true
Mimi: i can just imagine what the marriage be like
Agu: well the way we view it is different than you guys
Gabu: from seeing them play out, the males just the way they are, no injuries that are noticeable though
Gato: the females just wear something beautiful though like a what are they called?
Mimi: veil?
Gato: yes that is it
Pal: well we are still quite a ways from it still
Gabu: that is true, what do you want to do?
Pal: we go somewhere for a few days?
Gabu: where in mind?
Agu: how about Valley Data Beach?
Gabu: that is pretty good ways
Pal: why not, the weather is nicer, and always warm
Gabu: ok
Tai: how long will you be?
Gabu: few days
Pal: week
Izzy: the Digimon Express for Valley Data Beach is 1 day and night time
Gabu: good enough for us
Pal: ok it is settled
Matt: so Tai, how long will we be here?
Tai: another 2 weeks
Matt: how about we join?
Pal: i am fine with it
Gabu: yea guys get out of the cold
Tai: we all going?
Pal: if you want to stay in the freezing DTC for a week alone
Tai: *annoyed* just whatever
Pal: what?
Tai: nothing
Matt: try not to be disrespectful?
Tai: yea
Izzy: if we make it at 11:30 train will depart at 00:00
Tai: tonight?
Izzy: yes lets go
Agu: well it is almost 00:00
Izzy: another 15 minutes
Gabu: *holds hands with Palmon* tired?
Pal: somewhat
Matt: *mind* casual Palmon like always
Mimi: you ok Matt?
Matt: yes just thoughts rolling around
Mimi: yea sometimes that happens
Pal: Gabumon?
Gabu: yes?
Pal: just a thought, why are you agitated?
Gabu: why?
Pal: just noticed
intercom: all aboard the VDB route train! Digimon Express System! thanks for taking the VDB route. Express leaves in 10 minutes.
(Everyone gets on the train)
Tai: well, this is going to be good
Matt: you alright with it like this?
Mimi: what, yes I'm fine with it
Pal: why not?
Gabu: ok

{digimon still stick with their human partner}

Matt: it is weird that i never seen her like this at all
Mimi: why? She is always happy
Matt: outside yea not what i noticed in the last few times before the hook up
intercom: it is 11:55 we will depart in 5 minutes get comfortable and enjoy the ride
Gabu: tired?
Pal: somewhat
Intercom: VDB Express is now leaving the station, enjoy the trip will approx. last 1 Day and Night buffet car is open throughout the ride, no cost, scenery section is always open to take a look have a nice day in VDB Express thank you
Pal: *falls asleep*
Mimi: think we should not disturb her sleep
Matt: true Gabumon blanket under your seats?
Gabu: yes
Mimi: why not keep her warm?
Gabu: i was, she is shivering a little
Matt: *looks around* everyone else is asleep we should to
Mimi: ok *mind* Palmon, you and Gabumon are getting closer than ever, night
Gabu: *lays head upon Palmon's*
Pal: *whispers* Gabumon?
Gabu: yea?
Pal: this is so odd
Gabu: why?
Pal: nothing
Gabu: ok
Pal: *asleep again*
Gabu: *whispers* sweet Palmon good night my love, sweet dreams Pal-Chan
Pal: *surprised* **mind** hope Mimi or Matt did not notice me get warm loved
Gabu: you ok?
Pal: *asleep*
Gabu: *mind* asleep maybe well i better also
(Few hours later) (morning, express time 06:00)
Matt: *mind* Gabumon and Palmon are trying to get warm?
Gabu: *mind* i hate to wake her up, me moving a little
Matt: Gabumon?
Gabu: yes?
Matt: want to go get something?
Gabu: sure
Matt: Palmon is on you
Gabu: on my shoulder
Matt: she hear you?
Gabu: no surprisingly
Matt: ok lets get something
Gabu: *gently lays Palmon's head on the pillow*
Pal: *mind* why did he do that? Maybe grabbing some bites i guess
(POV Switch)
Gabu: *yawns* it was not easy for sleeping
Matt: palmon?
Gabu: no she was comfy
Matt: i see well i woke up and noticed you looked uncomfortable
Gabu: no i was fine just the well
Matt: well ok
(POV Switch)
Mimi: *mind* should i?
Pal: *mind* well i am not really hungry for anything
Mimi: Palmon?
Pal: *wakes up* yea?
Mimi: ok?
Pal: yes
Mimi: want to go get something?
Pal: sure
(Buffet car)
Gabu: you awake, i did not really want to interrupt your sleep
Pal: no, it's good
Matt: she looked like she was having a hard time
Mimi: she just fell asleep quick
Pal: you ok Gabumon?
Gabu: yes
Matt: you look bummed out
Gabu: I'm ok
Pal: are you sure?
Gabu: we need to talk alone
Pal: scenery car?
Gabu: yes
Pal: me and Mimi just got here so later on in the day?
Gabu: yes
Matt: you ok?
Gabu: Palmon is the only one that understands me right now and i trust you but
Matt: i understand i am not upset
Gabu: ok
(Scenery car 13:45) (POV switch)
Gabu: i was bummed out because i know this will sound mean, are you hyped?
Pal: what do you mean?
Gabu: no, like you had a problem
Pal: when, I was sleeping?
Gabu: well you were saying in your sleep that you needed to "delete" Hakase
Pal: well i did say that but it was a thought
Gabu: ok
Pal: yea thanks for being concerned
Gabu: no problem, went to be here for a while?
Pal: yes
(POV Switch)
Matt: idk what Gabumon is hiding honestly
Mimi: really?
Tai: that is odd that he would not tell you
Agu: that is so weird, i have never seen him like this
Gato: how are the 2 Digi Love birds doing?
Matt: alright
Mimi: it is going good for them
Kari: they do seem doing good
Gato: that is perfect for them though
Pata: yea this is nice for them
Sora: looking back on them they seemed ok
Biyo: well seemed true
Gato: so wait, are they planning on getting married?
Matt: possibly
Mimi: they been together not that long seems like
Matt: still winter seems like Palmon's flower blooms in the spring
Mimi: it is true
(02:35) (Valley Data Beach)

{i had to do a time skip just for reason)

Pal: so you guys for another month?
Tai: 2 weeks
Gabu: 1 week of vacation
Matt: yes that is true
(Morning) (09:30)
Pal: Gabumon?
Gabu: yes
Pal: if we did get married in the spring, DTC or VDB?
Gabu: VDB
Pal: ok
Gabu: your flower is blooming in the spring time
Pal: true

{to be continued}
Gabu and Pal (start story)
Well lets say that this story is my version of Super Power Pnut version of her version of this story of GaP
TT and the Sincere Adventures series is going to be a little different than normal, just saying
She has my love and support!!!
Like i always say, give Palmon love please we both would appreciate it a lot! :) :) :)

I have my fist of saving Digimon up for saving Digimon!!!
DigimonVsPokemon how this will go down, i will do (ex. Gatomon vs. Mew) than after that maybe 2 more of the same Digimon and 2 different pokemon maybe well idk how this will do so wait and see see this is new to me doing a _vs_ so yea
I am just giving out a #previewline from my small story and also i might possibly do a #DigimonvsPokemon so look forward to that PL: Gabu: no i do not really want to wake her up.
Is going off with a bang! That is all i have to say!
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